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Tempi is a new Danish sports brand. Established in 2015, and launched 2016.


 All Tempi products are made with quality and comfort in mind.


Passion is the keyword for Tempi. Being passsionate about football and knowing
that it's more important than just a game is crucial. Football is everything. It means
the world, for both you and for Tempi.


If there is something romantic about football, then it's when a complete underdog
wins a match, trophy or in any other way creates a surprising result. Tempi is an
underdog company. Competing with billion dollar companies knowing that they have
power and opportunities that only money can buy. Tempi will find the core values in


Some of the most memorable results in the game of football are the ones we remember
as unthinkable. They are remembered with a great amount of affection and nostalgy.
Every person who is passionate about the game, will know the feeling of the incredible,
surprising and breathtaking joy it is to win against all odds.


At Tempi, we love such moments. 

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